Business Accounts

Your business account is your livelihood, and we take responsibility of helping you very seriously.

Being a local bank has many advantages, but the most important to you may be knowing you can get someone to promptly help you sort through and resolve any issues with your accounts. Knowing you can rely on us to be responsive can give you great peace of mind and time to focus more on what you do best.

Business Checking

Maintain a minimum balance of $1,000.00 or more to avoid a service charge. For balances that fall below $1,000.00 during a monthly statement period, there is a charge of $15.00. We do not charge any fees based on deposits, or on the number of transactions like many other banks. This is another feature that sets us apart.

Business Interest Checking

This account earns a variable interest rate* based on a tiered account balance. This account is for commercial or business customers only. A $20.00 monthly fee will be charged if the account balance falls below $5,000.00. This account may be subject to additional charges based on account analysis. This account comes with the following benefits:

  • ACH Origination (subject to additional charges)
  • Check collection (subject to additional charges)
  • Internet banking (view account balances/activity, transfer funds)
  • Overdraft protection (with companion account)
  • Sweep options
  • Tier 1: $1,000.00 – $4,999.99
  • Tier 2: $5,000.00 – $24,999.99
  • Tier 3: $25,000.00 – $49,999.99
  • Tier 4: $50,000.00 – $99,999.99
  • Tier 5: $100,000.00 and above

Business Savings


ACH Origination

Call us for details to see how we can help you with Automated Clearing House origination service.

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